A Modern Kitchen Design Feature: Open Shelves

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It is easy to get caught up in making kitchen design decisions based mostly on functionality. The reality is that the beauty you can put into your kitchen renovation is just as important. While there will be some naysayers who caution against open shelves because they claim they aren’t as functional for storage as cabinetry, there are still some valid reasons why you should consider including them in your kitchen design.

A Modern Kitchen Design Feature: Open Shelves

There is nothing quite like having a focal point in any room, and that goes for the kitchen, too. Some beautiful, handcrafted, open shelves with lighting and unique items on display is going to draw everyone’s eye as they walk into the room. You’ll feel happier in your new kitchen with a focal point to look at, too, so jump in and place open shelves over the sink to make washing those dishes a bit more enjoyable.

Open shelves do not have to be just beautiful. They can also be functional in nature. It can make your dinner preps go faster when certain items are close at hand. Being able to grab dinner plates, salt & pepper, pots & pans, and other items without opening a cabinet door can prove most helpful.

If you would like to incorporate open shelves into your kitchen design, don’t hesitate to let us know when we are in the design phase of your kitchen renovation. At McMillan Millwork & Joinery, we welcome the opportunity to bring your ideas to life, and anytime we can blend functionality and beauty together is something we find especially satisfying.