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Choose Solid Wood Baseboards for Your Home Update

These days, there are many materials to choose from when you are purchasing baseboards and other moulding. While MDF, finger jointed, plastic and other materials may be cheaper than solid wood baseboards, sometimes, you get what you pay for. If you want beautiful baseboards that will stand the test of time, solid wood baseboards are the way to go.

Solid wood has many advantages:

  • Strength: Solid wood is stronger than many alternate materials. The wood grain gives it this strength and there are no joints or glue that create weak points in the moulding. There can sometimes be cracks or knots in the moulding that make installation a challenge.
  • Variety of choices: Most wood baseboards are made from pine, poplar, oak and fir, but you can get custom baseboards made from just about any hardwood. Some wood baseboards are treated with heat and pressure to increase their strength and durability.
  • Can be custom created and matched to existing trim: Historically, baseboards and other trim were almost always made from wood. Custom moulding can match the style and finish of any existing moulding, keeping you from having to replace all your trim at once.

Some wood baseboards come in two separate pieces, which can make installation a bit more challenging. This is more common in larger moulding styles, which can look better in spaces that have higher ceiling heights. Wood baseboards usually come in standard lengths, but if you want longer pieces they can be manufactured as a custom job. This reduces joints and creates a more polished finished look.