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choose kitchen cabinets that will remain timeless

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, and not just because that’s where all the food is! When it comes to your kitchen design, you want it to be both modern and timeless. Kitchen cabinets are expensive and quality ones can last for generations, but you also want to be able to enjoy your kitchen cabinets for that time instead of wondering what you were thinking in choosing them! If you’re wondering how you can choose kitchen cabinets that will remain timeless, these tips can help.

  • Think neutral elegance. Door frame styles will come and go, but there are a few features that will remain timeless. These include Shaker style doors or other timeless styles. You also want to choose a neutral wood stain or go with a gray, black, white or even navy color.
  • Choose quality cabinetry. In order to have a truly timeless design for your kitchen cabinets, you need kitchen cabinets to actually last for a long time! Even if your kitchen cabinets are a great color and door design that you love, if they are sagging, splitting or falling apart, they won’t look good.
  • Mix and match doors. Instead of choosing all wood doors for the fronts of all your kitchen cabinets, mix it up a little bit to break up the monotony. Choose glass inserts in some of your cabinets or have your island be a different kitchen cabinetry style for visual interest.

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