Considerations for Optimal Custom Kitchens

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The best part about custom kitchens is you get to include what you want and leave out what you don’t. If you like the look of open shelving or glass doors to display your dishes, you can have it. If you’d rather keep your dishes hidden, you can choose that as well. At McMillan Millwork & Joinery, we specialize in listening to our customers and collaborating with them to create a space tailored specifically to each client’s wants and needs. As you start collecting ideas, here a few things we suggest considering for optimal custom kitchens:

considering for optimal custom kitchens

  1. The more storage, the better– There are so many kitchen gadgets, tools, dishes, and ingredients that people can collect. You want to make sure you have well-thought-out spaces to keep them all. You can include extra storage in spaces such as cabinets under or above a window, under bench seating, or on either end of your kitchen island.
  2. Consider the natural flow – Think about your habits as you cook or clean and where you’d prefer your storage spaces and appliances be in relation to each other. Would you want your stove near the sink or close to a large drawer where pots and pans can be kept?
  3. Plenty of lighting – A kitchen is a space where you want to be able to see well. You can include lighting underneath cabinets, canned lights, and beautiful fixtures above your dining area.

When you are looking for the right team to help you with your design, come to us at McMillan Millwork & Joinery. With twenty years of experience and an expertise in high-quality craftsmanship, we create custom kitchens that are built to last and provide you with expertly designed solutions. Call us for a consultation today.