Create a Beverage Area with Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Entertaining at home has changed over the years. Homes used to have a parlor or another dedicated area for receiving guests, but that is rarely the case these days. Instead, you are more likely to entertain throughout the home, and the kitchen has become a popular hub of activity during parties. To accommodate that, it isn’t unusual for kitchen designs to include a beverage area with a dedicated refrigerator for holding cold drinks, a wine cabinet for chilling wine, glass-faced kitchen cabinets displaying stemware, and other cabinetry for holding liquor and mixers.

A beverage area with custom kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be for alcoholic drinks. It can also be utilized for making coffee or tea in the morning or to hold fruit juices, water, and soft drinks for the children to grab. Having a dedicated beverage area helps you keep your kitchen organized and frees up other space for meal preparation, baking, and other uses.

The key when designing kitchen cabinets is to consider how you’ll use your kitchen. If you entertain frequently or want to maximize organization and functionality, creating a beverage area is a great idea. Other specialty features to consider would be an area dedicated to baking or a desk for setting your laptop or tablet to consult recipe websites or for the children to be entertained while you are making the evening meal.

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