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Custom Moulding Doesn’t Have to be Expensive or Complex

When you hear the word “custom,” you may imagine the money piling up, but custom moulding is not just for expensive homes. In fact, there can be situations where locally made custom moulding is as cheap or cheaper than stock moulding that is shipped from a long way away.

Homeowners choose custom moulding for many different reasons:

  • Historic home renovations: If you are trying to preserve the historic style and feel of an older home, you may not be able to find moulding that matches the original style. Custom moulding solves this problem by allowing you to recreate and match moulding from any time period with a variety of materials.
  • Can’t find what you want locally: Maybe you have visited the local stores and can’t find moulding you like. Instead of ordering it and having it shipped, you can have custom moulding created closer to where you need it.
  • Want something unique: If you are looking for a unique product, custom moulding can give you one-of-a-kind results.
  • Unusual architecture in your home: Do you have curved walls in your home or another unusual shape? Custom moulding can be made specifically to suit your needs.

Custom moulding can be made with just about any material. Most moulding is made out of pine, poplar, fir and oak, but it can be made out of a wide variety of hardwoods. If increased durability and strength is needed, it can be kiln dried or treated with pressure and heat. If you want more from your moulding, consider custom moulding for your next home renovation project.