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give your pantry doors a little bit of spice or excitement

When it comes to your kitchen, it’s not only the place where most people tend to gather, but it’s also one of the top storage areas in your home. People have several different utensils, dishes, gadgets, food, and other things that are used daily in the kitchen. In order to make some of these often-used items easier to access than in a cabinet, many people also like to include a nice pantry in their kitchen design. This can give them a design challenge however, as to what to do with the pantry doors. If you are in the process of designing or remodeling a kitchen and want to give your pantry doors a little bit of spice or excitement, there are a few things that you can do!

One of the easiest things that you can do from a design standpoint for your pantry doors is to experiment with color. There is no rule anywhere that says all pantry doors need to be white! Painting a pantry door doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, or funding, so there’s nothing wrong with being a little risky in this area. You can also stay neutral but pump up the style by painting your pantry door black, gray, or another complementary neutral.

Another thing you can do is to add some glitzy hardware to your pantry doors. Instead of a boring knob on something you use so often, why not go for a fancier knob that you’ll enjoy using several times daily?

The possibilities for giving your kitchen some life and your pantry doors a little “oomph” are virtually endless. Find more fun choices here at McMillan Millwork & Joinery today.