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Although live edge wood furniture has held some charm for many years, homeowners are now considering live edge craftsmanship for the unique beauty it can lend to a home. Not every cabinet or furniture maker is equipped to provide live edge workmanship, but it is gaining attention and the most forward-thinking, progressive custom craftsmen are offering this custom woodwork option. The question then becomes, is it right for you?

The first thing to understand is what live edge means. It also goes by the name natural edge, which may describe it even better. The craftsmanship of a live edge embraces the features of the wood rather than making them symmetrical, smooth, and at perfect right angles. This is not to say that the result is extremely rough or bark-like, although it could be, but is usually sealed to have the same durability as any other wood product and the remainder of the piece.

If you love an organic, rustic, contemporary or totally unique appearance, you may just fall in love with live edge carpentry. It is beneficial in many rooms and installations, including bookcases, mantels, tables, and even kitchen islands. This trendy style is continuing to grow and once you find someone who embraces this style, you’ll find you have plenty of options to incorporate it into your home to increase your enjoyment as well as your home’s value.

Here at McMillan Millwork & Joinery, we love to tackle the unique design solutions you are looking for. Our custom woodwork philosophy involves embracing old-fashioned craftsmanship while delivering modern production techniques, such as live edge, to give you results that will exceed your expectations. Cutting edge doesn’t scare us, so turn to us for live edge you’ll love for years to come.