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You want your entry door to make a statement. It should complement your architecture, but also stand out and accent the front of your home. Common materials for entry doors include wood, fiberglass and steel. Wood is certainly the most traditional material, but there are many reasons that it continues to be one of the most popular.

Reasons to Choose Wooden Entry Doors for Your Home

If you are considering wooden entry doors for your home, here are some advantages:

  • Appearance: When it comes to wooden entry doors, there are so many options available, especially if you can find quality custom craftmanship. A custom door can be made with many different types of wood with varying grain patterns and colours. Grain patterns can vary between straight, wavy, tight, wide, close and far apart. The colour can reflect the natural look of the chosen wood, or it can be stained a number of different ways to achieve varying looks.
  • Uniqueness: Every steel or fiberglass door is manufactured in large numbers with each one looking the same. Wooden entry doors are all one-of-a-kind. There will never be another door exactly like yours.
  • Strength: With the right wood (cherry, mahogany, white oak and teak are popular, common choices) and quality millwork, a wooden entry door can be incredibly strong. It all depends on how the wood it cut, routed, shaped, glued, and maintained over time.
  • Longevity: Wooden entry doors can last more than a lifetime with proper maintenance and upkeep.

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