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Pantry doors
Home renovations are often thought of as stressful, but they can be exciting and delightful as well. One of the main advantages of home renovations is that it is the perfect time to rethink the bones of your house. What is working for you? What would you like to change? When it comes to pantry doors, the problem we often hear about is that the pantry door creates awkward, unusable space. If it swings out into the kitchen, then it blocks the countertops and workspace. If it swings into the pantry, it blocks a large part of the pantry from easy access. How can you solve this dilemma? Pocket pantry doors are not a common solution, but maybe they should be.

A pocket door slides into the wall instead of swinging to one side or the other. In essence, the door conveniently disappears when you don’t need it. If you are planning a major kitchen renovation, it might be the perfect time to think about changing your pantry doors into pocket doors. You have the option of having a single door that slides to one side or the other, or perhaps a set of double pocket doors would work best for you.

Another consideration when switching to pocket pantry doors will be the location of electrical switches and outlets, as these may have to be moved to allow the pocket door to slide into the wall. While it may take some rethinking, the increased function of your space may well be worth it.